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Type: concentrated water-dispersion color-paint «FRESKO» is a suspension of pigments and filler in the aqueous dispersion of acrylic copolymers with the introduction of special additives.


Scope: the color-paint is designed for independent tinting of water-dispersion paints for internal or external works (production of JSC «Lakokraska») in order to give them bright or light pastel colors preserving at the same time all the characteristics of paints. In order to obtain the saturated color, the color-paint is allowed to be used for interior works as an independent paint (for protective and decorative painting of walls in dry rooms on concrete, brick, plastered, putty and plasterboard surfaces, including for painting, decoration and artwork).


Technical characteristics:

The name of the property TNLA requirements
1 Coating Color: according to the shade color map of the color-paint «FRESKO» Shall conform to the established color control samples.
2 Coating appearance After drying, the coating shall be matt, smooth, homogeneous.
3 Relative viscosity in accordance with the viscometer of the type VZ-246 with the nozzle diameter 6 mm at the temperature (20,0 ± 0,5) °С, seconds, min  



4 Grinding degree, micron, max 10
5 Non-volatiles content, %, min 62
6 Drying time up to degree 3 at the temperature (20 ± 2) °С, hours, max  


7 Hydrogen ion concentration value, pH 8,5 - 9,5
Note: the paint may delaminate in storage if, after careful mixing, the paint meets the technical specification requirements ТS  BY 500021625.227-2016.


Properties: The color palette is represented by 16 colors. When choosing the color of the color-paint, it is necessary to take into account the place of repair work – indoors or outdoors. For tinting of the facade paints the paint tones №№ 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 should be used. For tinting of water-dispersion paints and paints for interior works all 16 tones of color-paint are used.

To choose the desired tone, use the color palette table (ratio of color-paint with water-dispersion paints of JSC «Lakokraska» with the indication of proportions of mixing). However, the color-paint with these paints, as well as all tones of color-paint can be mixed with each other in any proportion.

Advantages of the color-paint:

- usability;

- the possibility of tinting water-dispersion paints at home (at the place of repair);

- obtaining a wide range of colors of various saturation, including the colors of the palette table;

- the ability to adjust the color tint during the mixing process;

- the possibility of using as a self-coating for internal works;

- solvent free;

- good light resistance;

- economy.


Recommendations for he use:

  1. Use of color-paints for self-coloring of water-dispersion paints for internal or external works.

Preparation of the surface before application of the water-dispersion paints tinted with the help of the color-paint – in accordance with the Technical normative legal acts (TNLA) for the paints.

Before using color-paint must be carefully mixed.

For tinting color-paint of the desired tone is taken, added in small portions to the white paint and thoroughly mixed. For homogenous mixing, you can use a power drill with different types of attachments. To select the desired tone, a color palette with the blending proportions is used. By changing the ratio of the color-paint and the white paint, you can independently achieve the desired color intensity and color shade of the final product.

It should be remembered that when tinting at home, the resulting shade is difficult to reproduce again. Therefore, it is necessary to tint the entire volume at once and in one container, calculating the volume of paint with a margin (up to 20%).

Application and drying of water-dispersion paints, tinted with the help of color-paint should be done in accordance with the TNLA for the paints.

  1. Use of сolor-paint as a self-contained paint designed for internal work.

The surface to be painted shall be clean, dry, durable, with well load-bearing capacity and free of adhesive-reducing substances (anti-adhesives).

The primer «FRESKO Imprelid» or deep penetration primer «FRESKO Imprelid Ultra» are recommended for priming and levelling absorption capacity, reducing the consumption of color-paint, increasing adhesion and substrate strength on the prepared surfaces. The primer «FRESKO Imprelid Ultra» is used to strengthen loose, porous, fragile and grinding surfaces. The application and drying of the primers are carried out in accordance with the recommendations for these primers in accordance with the TS BY 500021625.112. Surface areas affected by moss or fungus should be cleaned with steel brushes and then primed with «FRESKO Antiseptic Ultra» (TS BY 500021625.208) to prevent the recurrence of microorganisms.

For priming and levelling absorption capacity as a primer layer can also be used color-paint diluted with water in a ratio of 3 : 1. Drying time of priming layer is at least 2 hours at temperature (20 + 2) °C and relative humidity of no more than 65 %.

The color-paint is applied to the prepared base with the aids of brush, roller or by airless spraying method with the initial viscosity of at least two layers, not counting the priming layer. If necessary, color-paint is diluted with water not more than 5% of the mass of color-paint. Drying of each layer - not less than 2 hours at a temperature (20 + 2) °C and relative humidity of the ambient air that does not exceed 65%. Drying time of color-paint depends on temperature, humidity and other factors.


Consumption: сonsumption for single-layer coating of water-dispersion paints, tinted with the help of color-paint - according to the consumption standard of the main material. The consumption for one-layer coating of color-paint when used as a self-contained paint is                    100 - 120 g/m2 and depends on the roughness, porosity, absorption capacity of the base, application method, color of color-paint, qualifications of the painter. More precisely the consumption is determined by applying the test coating. When painting textured surfaces, the consumption increases by 1.5 - 2 times.

Сolor-paints are allowed to delaminate during storage if, after careful mixing, the paint meets the Technical normative legal acts requirements in all characteristics.

It is not allowed to mix color-paint with solvents of any type. Dilute only with water.

After the use of color-paint for the purpose, the packaging with the residues of the product should be tightly closed with capping means and sent to the household waste dump.


Precautions: according to GOST 12.1.044, the color-paint belongs to the group of materials with moderate smoke-generating capacity D2 and according to GOST 30244 - to the group of combustibility G1.

According to the degree of influence on the human body the paint belongs to low-risk substances (4th class of hazard according to GOST 12.1.007).

The coler-paint corresponds to «Unified sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements for goods subject to sanitary and epidemiological supervision (control)», approved by the Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union dated 28 May 2010 № 299.

The coler-paint is non-toxic, fire- and explosion-proof.

When hit the eyes, mucous membranes and the skin wash them with plenty of water. Persons involved in painting work must be provided with personal protective equipment (work clothes, goggles, rubber gloves).

Dried coating does not have a harmful effect on the human body.


Transport and storage: as per GOST 9980.5. The color-paint is stored in closed storage areas at ambient temperatures ranging from plus 5°C to plus 35°C. Direct sunlight is not allowed. In winter, paints are transported in insulated transport.


Warranty period of color-paint: 6 months from the date of manufacture.