Начальник цеха №4

Гебень Генрих Стефанович
  • +375 154 52 33 03

Services provided by the repair and mechanical workshop for organizations and individuals


1. Manufacturing and repair of non-standard equipment, including electric welding for welding products from non-ferrous and alloyed metals by argon welding, manual plasma cutting.

2. Manufacturing of metal parts of ventilation systems – air ducts and fittings: bends, tees, crosses and other, control and shut-off devices – gate valves, throttling and check valves, in conventional and explosion-proof design.

3. Repair of the mechanical part of the fans in a simple and intrinsically safe version.

4. Operations for machining metals – turning, milling, grinding.

5. Inspection of shut-off valves.

6. Repair of hull parts.

7. Welding works (welding, surfacing of ferrous metals, aluminum, copper).

8. Manufacturing (repair) of metal structures.

9. Manufacturing of air ducts for ventilation systems.

10. Manufacturing of tin products.

11. Manufacturing of axles, shafts, bushings, half-couplings, flanges, gears, gear shafts, sprockets, lead screws and nuts – (turning and milling operations).


Works are made both from the customer’s material and from materials available at the enterprise.


Registration of access documents for the import of materials – according to the letter of the customer.