(Русский) Лаборатория климатических испытаний лакокрасочных покрытий оказывает услуги по проведению ускоренных климатических испытаний лакокрасочных покрытий в различных климатических зонах.

Лаборатория аккредитована в Национальной системе аккредитации Республики Беларусь на соответствие требованиям СТБ ИСО/МЭК 17025.

JSC "Lakokraska" has all the necessary production infrastructure for the production of various paints and varnishes.


At the facilities of the enterprise there is an opportunity to organize the production of paint and varnish products for the specific requirements of the customer, as well as the provided recipes. JSC "Lakokraska" is ready to consider any options for arranging a contract production.


JSC "Lakokraska" has its own repair and mechanical workshop, which allows to carry out the whole complex of necessary repair work, as well as a complex of works on the production of metal structures, various tin products and the manufacture of axles, shafts, bushings, half couplings, flanges, gears, gear shafts and m.


The workshop can provide repair services, as well as manufacture of various elements and parts to third parties.


Works are made both from the customer's material and from materials available at the enterprise.


A guarantee of high quality of paint and varnish materials is impossible without checking the service life of paint and varnish. Responsibility for the organization, completeness and reliability of the results of this type of control at the enterprise of Lakokraska Open Joint-Stock Company is assigned to the laboratory of climate testing of paint coatings, created in 2012, accredited in the national accreditation system of the Republic of Belarus for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO / IEC 17025.


The laboratory conducts tests to determine the service life of paint and varnish coatings in various climatic zones, with different categories of materials placement, with different types of aggressiveness of the atmosphere. It is possible to carry out not only complex tests, but also individual methods of control.

JSC "Lakokraska" in Lida offers to rent administrative and business premises, which are not currently involved, and also sells raw materials, which for various reasons were not in demand and are not used in production.


On all questions of purchasing raw materials, you need to contact the specialists of the logistics department who will consult on any emerging issues.
On the issues of renting premises, you need to contact the specialists of the legal department.

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JSC "Lakokraska" is open to cooperation in the field of the organization of release of production on conditions of contract manufacture.

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