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JSC “Lakokraska” is giving great consideration to environmental issues during the manufacturing process. This has allowed our enterprise to be the first company in Grodno Region receiving environmental certificates of conformity to the requirements of both National and International standard ISO 14001 in 2003.


International Certificate of Conformity (eng)            International Certificate of Conformity (rus)            National Certificate of Conformity


One of the structural departments of the company is the Department of Nature Conservation and Industrial Sanitary. The main function of the department is the organization of environmental activities of the enterprise in accordance with the applicable legal requirements in the field of environmental protection. Laboratories of the department are accredited as technically competent for carrying out tests by the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus.


In order to prevent negative influence on the environment the enterprise is provided with all necessary environmental facilities.

Industrial wastewater formed during production of paint-and-lacquer materials undergo preliminary treatment in the shop sewage tank, and then is directed to treatment facilities of the enterprise. The technology provides for physical-chemical and biological methods of treatment for industrial wastewater. This ensures high degree of purification of industrial wastewater from synthetic organic chemicals, sulfates and heavy-metal ions.


The main part of exhaust gases is discharged into the atmosphere after its purification. Testing of gas-cleaning installations efficiency in accordance with design parameters is carried out annually.


Industrial waste generated at the enterprise is reused in the technological cycle, passed for use to other organizations, and the remaining part is sent for decontamination and disposal.


The enterprise is continuously searching for technical solutions to improve environmental facilities and decrease negative influence on the environment. Arising issues are addressed as by Process Engineering and Design and Engineering departments so by involving specialized research organizations and design companies. All projects implemented by the enterprise undergo environment impact assessment.


To provide environmental safety of the enterprise with account to its development prospects a new environmental policy has been developed in 2015.


Environmental Policy of JSC Lakokraska


This Environmental Policy is an integral part of the general program of the enterprise development. Its main tasks are as follows: enhancement of ecological efficiency and emergency tolerance of operation, development of environmental facilities, improvement of monitoring system and certified Environmental Management System.