панорама 1200_mini

Currently by elaborating and working in close contact with consumers JSC Lakokraska is developing and producing modern paint-and-lacquer materials of high quality adequately competing with imported ones, and promote them not only into production lines of Belorussian companies, but also abroad.


In the Republic of Belarus the products are supplied to enterprises of the Ministry of Industry, Bellesbumprom, the Ministry of Construction and Architecture, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Belarusian Railway and trade associations.


More than 70% of the products of total releases are exported to different countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, countries of Europe and Asia.


JSC Lakokraska entered into a license agreement with the Dutch company Baril and with Magyar Lakk (Hungary) for production of anticorrosive materials for metal protection at industrial facilities.


Today at the enterprise shops the latest equipment of famous German brands such as NETZSCH, BBS GmbH, MAN DFE GmbH, GEA Luftkuhler GmbH is installed.


Objectivity and reliability, professionalism, qualitative techniques and conditions of testing are the key components of laboratory control performed by testing center accredited for the requirements of STB ISO/IEC 17025.


It is impossible to guarantee the high quality of paint-and-lacquer materials without the longevity test of paint-and-lacquer coating. Environmental test laboratory determines the durability of paint-and-lacquer coating with maximum accuracy, taking as a basis the principles of independence, objectivity and confidentiality.